100 Awesome Blogs for History Junkies!

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100 Awesome Blogs for History Junkies
By Jessica Merritt

If you’re a history junkie, you surely know by now that the Internet is a great tool for finding information. But did you know that blogs are some of the most useful resources out there? Here you’ll find blogs about periods in history, genealogy, war, and lots more.


Read about specific periods, like the Victorian era and the American Revolution on these history blogs.

  1. Cardinal Wolsey’s Today in History: Read Cardinal Wolsey’s blog for thoughts on Tudor, medieval, and early-modern history.
  2. Victorian Times: Victorian Times highlights fashion and dresses in Civil War, Dickens, and Victorian style.
  3. Boston 1775: Read about the start of the American Revolution in Massachusetts on this blog.
  4. The Victorian Peeper: On the Victorian Peeper blog, you’ll read about nineteenth century Britain.
  5. Edwardian Promenade: This blog covers the Edwardian period, from about 1880 to 1914.
  6. The Victorian Era: Here you’ll read about fun facts from the 19th century.


These blogs highlight the history of fine art.

  1. Dracula vs. Einstein: This graphic design blog takes its inspiration from art history.
  2. Ponder & Dream: Ponder & Dream is all about graphic designs inspired from military history.
  3. Shorpy: This “100-year-old photo blog” highlights history in high resolution.
  4. The Philatelic Database: This blog offers a look at stamp archives.
  5. Food History: Learn about holiday customs and classic recipes on this foodie history blog.
  6. Cycling Art: This blog explores the history of cycling through art.
  7. Prima la Musica: Check out this blog to get the official word from Mozart.


Read these blogs if you’re interested in the Civil War, soldiers, and World Wars.

  1. Civil War History: Read Civil War History to learn about the Civil War, as well as new developments in Civil War history.
  2. Out of battle: Read anecdotes and articles about the first World War, specifically the 8th Battalion, AIF.
  3. Military History Blog: The Military History Blog blogs about the battlefield.
  4. Civil War Memory: Read what a high school history teacher and Civil War historian has to say.
  5. Old Virginia Blog: Richard Williams, Jr.’s blog is all about the Civil War.
  6. WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier: Read Harry Lamin’s letters from the first World War, posted exactly 90 years after they were written.
  7. Australian War Memorial: Learn about official records, animals in war, aircraft, and lots more in this Australian war blog.
  8. World War II History Blog: In this blog you’ll find news, photographs, “today in history,” and more.
  9. Frontier Battles: Frontier Battles is all about wars for and against empire in America from 1607 to 1815.
  10. Blog 4 History: Read about American and Civil War history on this blog about the American experience.
  11. American Civil War Stories: Revisit the stories of the American Civil War in this blog.
  12. 9th Btn Y & L War Diaries: Read the official war diary of the 9th Battalion of the York and Lancaster regiment.
  13. What Passing Bells: This blog follows three different families through the first World War.
  14. TOCWOC: The Order of Civial War Obsessively Compulsed is a blog about the civil war written by informed amateurs.

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3 Responses to 100 Awesome Blogs for History Junkies!

  1. Me too. This link has generated a lot of visitors – one of those lucky breaks you get sometimes.

  2. Infinitus76 says:

    Thanks for this list. I knew there were a number of history blogs out there, but I may never have found all of these.

  3. plastic says:

    great list, some favs and some new ones to check out.

    I have to say maybe #101 was In Siberia, http://aefinsiberia.blogspot.com

    It chronicles two years in the life of an American soldier stationed in Siberia from 1918-1920.

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