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Top 10 Civil War books on the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg,

I’ve been asked to contribute to a Top 10 books on the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg in celebration of the upcoming anniversary. Though I am honored to have been asked to contribute, I feel somewhat unqualified compared to the … Continue reading

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Was U.S. Grant A Drunk?

Kevin and Richard have a couple of posts concerning the popular Grant topic of his drinking and whether or not he was a drunk?  Kevin is currently reading a new manuscript from UNC on Grant titled U.S. Grant: American Hero, … Continue reading


Descent into Rebeldom and its Impact on Northern Soldiers

Has there been a specific study that has dealt with how Union soldiers’ opinions concerning things like slavery, emancipation, ect., change as they transitioned from their homeland and descended South and witnessed, firsthand, the nature of slavery? Additionally, how did … Continue reading


Freedom for all

Center design of the 6th U.S. Colored Troops regimental flag. The top motto reads, “Freedom for all”. From the Library of Congress Collection.

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New Nixon Tapes Released

Very interesting recordings it sounds like are being released by the Nixon Presidential Library. As the movie Frost/Nixon identified, Nixon was a complex man. It stands to reason that we don’t really learn about a President until many years after … Continue reading

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U.S. Constitution went into effect JUNE 21, 1788

…when New Hampshire became the 9th state to ratified it. The 55 writers of the U.S. Constitution consisted of: 26 Episcopalians, 11 Presbyterians, 7 Congregationalists, 2 Lutherans, 2 Dutch Reformed, 2 Methodists, 2 Roman Catholics, 2 Quakers and 1 Deist … Continue reading

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The Settling of America

I have been taking notes from a great book that I have decided will be (along with my A.P. textbook) the cornerstone of my teaching of the American Colonial period in my Advanced Placement class. Alan Taylor’s book American Colonies: … Continue reading


Treasury to Auction $104 Billion In Debt

The Treasury announced Thursday a record $104 billion worth of bond auctions for next week, part of its herculean efforts to finance a rescue of the world’s largest economy. The sales will exceed the previous record of $101 billion set … Continue reading


Guess Who is the 4th Largest U.S. Creditor!

Two Japanese guys currently in custody in Italy!!! … This would be funny if it wasn’t so scary; and telling all at once… Two men carrying bonds concealed in the bottom of their luggage also would be the fourth-largest U.S. … Continue reading

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War of 1812 …

In honor of its anniversary, here are some useless facts: James Madison was the only president to face enemy gunfire while in office. When the British invaded and burned Washington, D.C. in the War of 1812, Madison took command of … Continue reading