Guess Who is the 4th Largest U.S. Creditor!

Two Japanese guys currently in custody in Italy!!! …

This would be funny if it wasn’t so scary; and telling all at once…

Two men carrying bonds concealed in the bottom of their luggage also would be the fourth-largest U.S. creditors.

Note: there are no hard facts involving this report yet, but we will see.

UPDATE: United States Treasury announces that these bonds were fakes, thank God.

But, it’s a strange case. They were exceptional fakes from the reports. You don’t just print these out from a computer. So the questions arise: Who are these people? Are they stupid? Makes no sense. Why did it take 10 days to declare them as fake when all bonds come with serial numbers?  These weren’t just million bonds or something, but billions of dollars in bonds. The purchaser would check them out, hands down. Are there other countries involved trying to devalue our currency even more? Is there an economic war coming in the near future?

UPDATE 6.21.08: “… late last week American officials confirmed that the notes were forgeries. The men, it appeared, were nothing more than ambitious scamsters. But many remain unconvinced. And whether fake or otherwise, the story underlines one important point about the world economy at the moment: that the tension and paranoia surrounding the fate of the US dollar has hit a new high. It went to the heart of the big question: will the central bankers in Japan, China and elsewhere continue to support the greenback even in the wake of the worst financial crisis in modern history, or will they abandon it as America’s economic hegemony dissipates?” To read more…

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