More A.P.

So its one month into A.P.U.S.H. and I have had some interesting experiences. First, the level of the students was about what I expected. I had hoped for more students with a true passion for history. Many if not most are taking the class as it is an Advanced Placement class and, well, their parents make them!

One month into it, and, the class has dropped from 28 students to 17.  Disheartening. It was a progression as the first Quiz hit, then the daily work piled up, and eventually the first Unit Test last week. I have honestly been surprised by the number of students who simply cannot accept the fact that not everyone can get an A in A.P., it’s a hard class.

While it has been one month, I feel I am finally getting my feet under me and have enjoyed the class. Well, I am at the first night of parent teacher conferences and must retire from this post as I have my first parent standing before me!


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