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Fields of Blood: The Prairie Grove Campaign

Received my copy of William L. Shea’s Fields of Blood: The Prairie Grove Campaign (Civil War America). Publish date: November, 2009. Hardcover: 392 pages Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press ISBN: 0807833150 From the publisher: “William Shea offers a … Continue reading

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Best Civil War Regiment History Books?

What are the best American Civil War Regimental Histories? Not the best regiment, but the best book about a Civil War regiment? I’d like to invite my fellow Civil War bloggers to join in and let me know what regimental … Continue reading


Gettysburg & Mr. Dreyfuss

It looks like Mr. Dreyfuss had a nice day recently at Gettysburg as he continued his crusade championing American civics and history instruction. Last Friday thousands showed up for the keynote Dedication Day speaker and Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss. After … Continue reading


Lincoln letter to schoolboy sells for $60,000

[This is not an image of the actual letter] The letter appears to be the only one Lincoln wrote to a child while in office that survives as an original document, he said. “There was a letter sent to youngsters … Continue reading

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Civil War Book Reviews

I’ve often been fascinated how reviews can vary so much in regards to American Civil War books. Reviews for The American Civil War: A Military History, by renown British author/historian John Keegan perhaps represents one of the finest examples of … Continue reading

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Politically Correct Non-Myth Busting?: The Iroquois and the American Constitution

Some historians and wanna be historians love to do the “I told you so” in regards to American history. They love to point out how Lincoln was not the Great Emancipator, Washington did tell lies, and that Jefferson not only … Continue reading


American Exceptionalism?

A week or so ago the Pew Global Attitudes Project released a study titled “The Pulse of Europe 2009: 20 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall” that centered on the attitudes in Eastern Europe and Russia about the … Continue reading


U.S History Studies, Yes!

I have found out today that my efforts to start an early American History survey course has been approved. Some of you who already have such a thing might be saying, “So What.” Thus, allow me to explain. Starting next … Continue reading


New Acquisitions…

I recieved from Oxford University Press a couple of new books. This Mighty Scourge: Perspectives on the Civil War and Stand Firm Ye Boys from Maine: The 20th Maine and the Gettysburg Campaign. This Mighty Scourge is the new paperback … Continue reading

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The Richard Dreyfuss Show!?

Sounds like Richard Dreyfuss was a complete bomb today at Kevin Levin’s private school in Virginia. Levin and his school had the unfortunate pleasure (I guess) to have this Hollywood actor/ historian (?) as a guest speaker. Levin titled his … Continue reading