Who Are Oliver Stone’s Hitler Historians?

There were a slew of news stories last week that specifically mentioned that Stone worked with two unnamed historians for his up-coming documentary on Hitler and other mass murders in an attempt to give us “empathy” for them and “provide” us with historical context to their rise to power. According to hundreds of news articles:

“…two historians are helping him [Stone] with [the doc]… to offer a fuller understanding of the 20th century…”

Stone’s message, “Hitler [was] enabled by Western bankers.” This should be interesting to see what connections Stone attempts to make and what sources he uses, but most importantly who are the two historians? I searched, and searched, and could not find them.

What I do know about post-WWI American businesses is that they wanted Great Britain and France to ease the reparations and the United States to forgive war payments in an attempt to protect their investments in Europe and Germany.

Now what Stone will attempt to establish is that it was not monetary interests alone, but more importantly racist, Jew hating capitalists somehow facilitated Hitler’s rise…

So who are Stone’s historians that apparently will provide him with the proper historical data?

Stay tuned.

[the photo is of our guy Stone and one of his heroes, Hugo Chavez. Need we say more?]

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2 Responses to Who Are Oliver Stone’s Hitler Historians?

  1. Michael Schack says:

    I think Stone is dangerous for the movies and television have great influence. I know there is a book out titled “How IBM helped the Nazis”. It is about the holerith machine developed by IBM Germany To say IBM assisted the Nazi Effort is a stretch. But conspiracy theories sell movies and books. My question is broader How does one present the context for some of the wrong things this country actually has done. I am thinking about operation “Keel Haul.” I came across it from an article Pat Buchanan wrote some years ago. It is also briefly mentioned in the book Yalta by SW.M. Plokhy. The IBM thing about assisting the Nazis is bogus. When I teach the section on the Holocaust I do mention Stalin as committing genocide in the USSR which allows the class to understand the difference between the two. We Discuss how Stalin deported entire ethnic groups as the Tartars of the Crimea (200,000) by boxcar. Stalin was clearly a murderer. However, both Churchill and Roosevelt acknowledged that Russia felt the impact of the war more then any other country. It was also the Russian army that destroyed the German army. For more data on this check Max Hastings. That does not denigrate either the British or American war effort. I once read something that went By 1945 Russia and America won the war but in 1940 it was the British that did not lose it. (a paraphrase)

  2. Michael Schack says:

    I alsoI emember an interview after september 11 where O. stone was talking about “artistic justice” in describing what occurred. How it would release this “energy.” I do not wish to say something obscene at this point.

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