President Barack Obama’s annual back-to-school talk

Presidents have regularly addressed students annually for as long as I can remember. However, I don’t actually remember watching one or being forced to. But nonetheless, as a teacher I was told by my administration that today I had to show President Obama’s address to schoolkids. No problem was my response, sounds good. And according to most news stories I have found, High School students across the country said they found President Barack Obama’s annual back-to-school talk Tuesday both “inspiring and relevant.”

As stated, I had no problem showing an address by the President of the United States. My students and I had a nice talk afterword and I thought Obama’s speech was great.

Just that I suspect that had this been a different President the requirement to show the education speech today might not have happened? But whatever, it was only 15 minutes and it was a good speech. Obama is very good at speeches.

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