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Taking Teachers and Teacher Unions to Task

The new civility on display in Madison, Wisconsin has given me as a teacher pause. As a teacher I have to be held to the utmost level of integrity, do I not? I spend 8 hours a day with other … Continue reading


B4H > Soldier Studies > Civil War Voices

I will contact who I can, but please update your Civil War blogrolls and remove Blog4History and add my Civil War blog: Civil War Voices @ my Civil War soldier letters archive: B4H is becoming less and less a … Continue reading


Americans Say Reagan Is the Greatest U.S. President

I love President’s Day as three day weekends this time of year are always welcomed! And to send it off right, I want to share the results of a new Gallup poll that asked Americans who the nation’s great president … Continue reading


How will the Recent Unrest in Wisconsin be Remembered?

President Obama, after winning the White House in 2008 proclaimed that “Elections have consequences.” But perhaps we should place an asterisk there and add “Democratic victories only” have consequences. Wisconsin elected a Republican and he is doing what Republicans do. … Continue reading

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Would today’s Tea Party have Opposed the U.S. Constitution?

David Sehat has an interesting commentary over at the CS Monitor concerning today’s Tea Party and the U.S. Constitution. ┬áThe Federalists wanted a strong central government that could correct the shortcomings of the Articles of Confederation. Men such as Alexander … Continue reading


Social Justice in Egypt?

Now that the situation in Egypt has essentially ended in a military coup, what will this latest Middle East Revolution ascend or descend into? Some say Western style Democracy. Others say a Sharia Law Theocracy. Is this movement a bottom … Continue reading

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French President Declares Multiculturalism a Failure

I remember an article by historian Eric Foner posted at HNN after 9/11. Foner hoped we could re-think how we teach American history and that he worried about the “self-absorbed, super-celebratory history promoted in the aftermath of September 11 – … Continue reading


Reparations for Descendants of Slavery?

Apparently several Chicago Mayoral Candidates support the idea of “reparations for descendants of slavery.” Am I the only one who wonders how on God’s Green (er, sun blasted over heated Co2 saturated…) Earth this is accomplished? Does anyone agree with … Continue reading

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Isolationism, The Myth of the Founders?

With so much talk recently of the United States’s involvement in the Middle East and how it violates our Founding principle of “isolation,” I had an interesting discussion recently with my students concerning the historical theme “Isolationism.” The debate centered … Continue reading


The Blue Eagle

The Blue Eagle, a blue-colored representation of the American thunderbird, with outspread wings, was a symbol used in the United States by companies to show compliance with the National Industrial Recovery Act. It was proclaimed the symbol of industrial recovery … Continue reading

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