Last Surviving World War I Veteran

Frank Woodruff Buckles is our lone surviving WWI veteran and still going strong at 110 years of age.

A story in the May 30, 2010, edition of Parade magazine on Buckles said he lied about his age in 1917 when he was 16 so he could enlist. The Army sent him to France, where he drove ambulances and motorcycles. After the armistice, he helped return German prisoners of war to their country.

In 1941, he was working in Manila for the American President Line, a shipping company. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines during World War II, Buckles was captured and spent 3 1/2 years in a prisoner-of-war camp before he was rescued by American forces when they retook the Island nation.

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  1. I,Thomas R. Mathis, Would like to say thank you for your service and I would like to congratulate you on your 110 th. year. May GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, With many more years together. Sincerely, Thomas R. Mathis—***GOD BLESS AMERICA***SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND REMEMBER OUR VETERANS***IN GOD WE TRUST***

  2. Mr. Buckles is an amazing person and a Hero. We are grateful for his service, patriotism and dedication to our country. Very good post, thank you for sharing.

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