Reparations for Descendants of Slavery?

Apparently several Chicago Mayoral Candidates support the idea of “reparations for descendants of slavery.”

Am I the only one who wonders how on God’s Green (er, sun blasted over heated Co2 saturated…) Earth this is accomplished? Does anyone agree with this idea? I have some concerns.

1. Is this Really Fair? What’s the true goal here?
2. Why? Social Justice. Those people who believe in “cosmic justice” that simply does not exist.
3. How? (Lot’s of hows: how do we determine who was or was not a descendent? How do we pay?, eh, print money I guess…)
4. Who pays for this? My ancestors never owned slaves, I don’t want a dime of my tax money going to such a thing?
5. How about Indians, we need to pay them too? Who else? Time to step up for your Social Justice pay…

Perhaps Spain should pay reparations to descendants of the Aztecs?

Please, someone explain the logic here for me!?!

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