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Civil War Reenactment Gone Too Far?

This past weekend in St. Louis a special Civil War Reenactment took place on the steps of the Old State House, only it was not your typical gun smoking affair. This time a group of historians and local residents reenacted … Continue reading


The Tea Party and the Founding Fathers

Gordon S. Wood wrote a scathing review of Jill Lepore’s The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party‚Äôs Revolution and the Battle Over American History, a book which I heard about last year but have yet to read (I have … Continue reading


Very Proud of My President

Don’t agree with President Obama on pretty much all of his political views, but tonight’s speech in Arizona was, in my humble opinion, his best. Very proud of the President and First Lady. Very proud, they had an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Rethinking Advanced Placement United States History

Apparently not just my school district is rethinking how to use and present A.P.U.S.H, but the college board has as well. As some of you know I was told recently that “scores do not matter,” that the goal now is … Continue reading

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Constitutional Whitewash?

Yesterday the United States House of Representatives kicked off the year with a reading of the Constitution. I thought it a nice gestured, but wondered how many of them have actually read it (you know as much as they read … Continue reading


How Much do our College Students Know about the World?

Not a lot apparently… SO TIRED of college elites talking down to high school teachers. They need to get their act together! I wonder how many of these students know about “social justice”?


Publishers Weekly & NewSouth Books To Censor Mark Twain

According to this news story, Publishers Weekly NewSouth Books will be censoring their upcoming edition of Mark Twain’s novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by removing all instances of the N-word and replace it with “slave.” According to this search result, … Continue reading


How Do We View The Confederate Soldier

Civil War Times editor Dana Shoaf has been doing off and on Video Blogs addressing numerous topics, his latest is an interesting editorial concerning how we remember the Confederate Soldier:

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Civil War Letter: One Man’s Reflection on the War, 1868

The letter is written and signed by R. G. Smith of Kokomo, Indiana. R.G. Smith who was born in Virginia in 1820. His wife, Elisabeth was born in Kentucky. Census records in 1850 reference that R.G. Smith was a Farmer … Continue reading

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“If You’re Not doing Education for Liberation, Then You’re Not doing Education…”

I have not done a lot with the Teaching For Social Justice (and Teaching for Liberation) movement that is growing rapidly in our public schools across America, but I can assure you I am not done with this. I promise … Continue reading

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