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Shenandoah Civil War Battlefields could be lost to development

—————- Website of the Civil War Trust I am writing to you today to ask your support in helping to save two incredible tracts at the Cedar Creek battlefield. In all the years that we’ve been saving Civil War battlefield … Continue reading

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Goodbye! … and Hello!

UPDATE: Chris is no longer writing the blog4history, but Joe Hunkins will be taking over and contributing articles, especially about history. If you are a history blogger please get in touch! Thanks! Joe Hunkins @JoeDuck —————– It’s been fun, … Continue reading

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“Agitate + Aggravate + Educate + Organize”

Had a reader point me to the NEA (National Education Association) website this morning. (As a public school teacher I can’t tweet, blog, facebook, at all hours of the day unlike some on here! I have to teach 32+ students … Continue reading

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Taking Teachers and Teacher Unions to Task

The new civility on display in Madison, Wisconsin has given me as a teacher pause. As a teacher I have to be held to the utmost level of integrity, do I not? I spend 8 hours a day with other … Continue reading

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French President Declares Multiculturalism a Failure

I remember an article by historian Eric Foner posted at HNN after 9/11. Foner hoped we could re-think how we teach American history and that he worried about the “self-absorbed, super-celebratory history promoted in the aftermath of September 11 – … Continue reading

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Life As a History Teacher

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Shopping in the Social Justice Store!

Ever wonder what you can purchase in a store dedicated to “Social Justice”? Let’s take a look! There’s actually some really nice things that you can purchase: “The medieval feminist,” Joan of Arc. T-shirt, coffee mug, water jug, lots of … Continue reading

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Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration…

Do I dare show this to my U.S. Studies Class? We are approaching the American Revolution…

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“If You’re Not doing Education for Liberation, Then You’re Not doing Education…”

I have not done a lot with the Teaching For Social Justice (and Teaching for Liberation) movement that is growing rapidly in our public schools across America, but I can assure you I am not done with this. I promise … Continue reading

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2010 – Reflections of a High School History Teacher

Instead of doing a “Best of 2010,” as I’m not sure why anyone would care and it seems a bit presumptuous of me to assume anyone would care (though I am a blogger and that seems to indicate otherwise!); Nonetheless … Continue reading

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