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Well I’d like to announce again a new online digital archive for the preservation of Civil War correspondences. I didn’t get much of a response last time and I’m not sure if that is simply because no one really cared, … Continue reading

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Robert E. Lee and other Footnotes…

There is some interesting discussion that has transpired and is still under debate surrounding Robert E. Lee and his “legacy.” I happened across this interesting article from just a day or so ago. As with every new generation of historians … Continue reading

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What I am Reading…

I just finished reading Randall C. Jimerson’s The Private Civil War: Popular Thought During the Sectional Conflict. Jimerson’s book is a tour de force in Civil War social history. The hearts and minds of civilians and soldiers during the war … Continue reading

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I’d like to announce a new website that I developed along with a friend who is a rather good PHP programmer. is dedicated to the preservation of American Civil War information, particularly the correspondence and diary entries of soldiers … Continue reading

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