SoldierStudies.Org is dedicated to the preservation of American Civil War information, particularly the correspondence and diary entries of soldiers who served in the field and elsewhere. We hope that by providing a comprehensive and searchable (database driven) archive of this information a more complete picture of one of the bloodiest chapters in American history can be better understood by researchers, historians, and students alike.

Ultimately, it’s up to the community of Civil War historians, students, teachers and enthusiasts to help preserve this information.

2 Responses to SoldierStudies.Org

  1. Chris says:

    On the above website I introduce my great grandfather, William Newlon, and his Civil War-time diaries. Please take a moment and visit the site to learn more about his views and thoughts, and his experiences as an Iowa third Infantry soldier. .
    Thanks, Chris

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry, I thought the site would be viewed in my comment ! Chris

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