Post Election Reflection

I have been extremely busy with teaching, graduate school, family obligations, ect, and apologize for the lack of posts as I know there are countless people who visit in eager anticipation for what I might say…

Anyway, post election thoughts. What a historic event and it was something to see, our first black President elect. Obama is articulate and seems to be a good man and I hope he is a good President. I thought McCain was unelectable and the polls displayed that. No big surprise. But do not stick a fork in the Republican party just yet, Clinton and the Democrats also had a landslide victory and after four years we know what happened in Congress.

One thing I have mentioned before is the need to keep politics out of the classroom, and that itself is debatable; I understand that. Obviously, with such a historic election it deserved discussion in the classroom. I was at times very impressed with my students.

I was asked by my students, “Mr. Wehner who are you voting for?” I was pleased that they did not know, or at least were not sure. I refused to tell them, but instead pointed out the things I admired about both men, McCain the war veteran and Obama the first black President nominee from a major party.

What my students did not know and could not know until now, and since I am fairly sure none of them visit this blog, most will never know is I did not vote for either McCain or Obama. I did not feel either was my choice. I voted for Bob Barr the Libertarian Party candidate. I am a registered Independent and have in the past voted for both Democrat (Clinton) and Republican (Bush) candidates. What I saw from both sides this past election season, frankly, appalled me. From right to left wing the vitriol was disgusting. I do not know if I will anytime soon be able to vote for a Republican or Democrat candidate. I saw two parties so viciously slug it out that I could not have waited any longer for the election to be over. Good riddance. No where in the constitution does it say that political parties were to be a part of the election process, so I say the hell with them.

I have expressed a lot of concern  over the issues of energy and our economy and I felt neither candidate truly had a plan or a clue. Both were willing to take us one step closer to socialism; and if that’s what you want  so be it. The Republicans took control of Congress and what did they do? They spent money like there was plenty of it. The Democrats have had control  of the House of Representative and what have they done in the last 24 months? Spent money like there was no tomorrow. The $700 billion bail out has turned into over $2 trillion, did you know that?  If you really think a government owned mortgage industry and soon to be auto industry is really in our best interest, than I am frankly shocked.  Name me ONE government run entity that operates efficiently or even well? Let them go, if mortgage and auto companies fail, so be it. Spending trillions on top of trillions is frankly frightening. The cycle of business and open markets will adjust. Either way, jobs are at stake as is the economy. There is no end in sight.

Yet we had two Presidential candidates that had promised tax cuts and even more spending on things like nationalized health care. Yippee another government owned sector of our economy! (BTW, the reason why the Health Care industry is a mess is because of the Federal Government.)

Blame Bush for our economic situation, fine, the S.O.B. deserves SOME of it but do not be Ignorant. Do you know how Congress works? Our politicians, both Democrat and Republican are screwing us beyond belief. The Fannie and Freddie debacle started in Congress and with  deregulation (with Senators taking money for their votes) as a result of corrupt government ,out of control spenders and power seekers.

Give me a Libertarian or Give Me Death… well, you know what I mean.

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