Failure is not an Option… it is Rewarded!

Slowly public education has come to the point where No Child Left Behind is becoming, “Failure is not an Option.” Students cannot receive a failing grade, not an option. This will become reality sooner than later…

But this is not surprising. Look around us, we are rewarding failure. We rewarded Wall Street, Automakers, and Congress for being bad at what they do. All got bailouts and raises when they have failed to perform. I remember a country founded on principles of hard work, the freedom to succeed or fail, and to do so without government infringement.

BTW- my wife’s 2004 Jeep Liberty broke down yesterday while on her way to work, transmission. Maybe if they didn’t make crappy cars, with workers who are overpaid and over compensated (benefits), the automakers would not have to be bailed out.

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3 Responses to Failure is not an Option… it is Rewarded!

  1. Alex says:

    I agree entirely. It really annoys me that Bush went ahead with the bailout despite the fact that the Senate voted against it. If the American automakers make such bad products that they can’t compete against the foreign automakers, then they don’t deserve to be given money….

  2. matt mckeon says:

    On the positive side, the screw up in chief did have a pair of shoes thrown at him. Let’s make it a holiday tradition!

    As far as failing students go, I record the “F” each student earns for a good fraction of my students each quarter. I also go the extra mile, staying after school, etc., to help any kid who has screwed up, realized it, and needs a second chance.

    As far as the auto industry goes, I’m sure the southern senators who voted against the bailout were richly rewarded by their Tokyo paymasters, despite their failure in this attempt to crush Japan’s competitors.

  3. Chris says:

    But lets not overlook the fact that President Elect Obama totally supports Bush’s move to bail out the auto companies and would have done the exact same thing.

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