Anti-Federalist or Federalist and Is More Government Really the Answer?

Perhaps those Tea Bag attendees were not a bunch of redneck racists, but actually were just concerned over what our government is becoming and that more government is maybe not the answer.  A government that started to get fat under Bush and the Republicans, and is now getting obese under the Democrats.  So this story below was just too much to pass up and not post, and is a perfect example:

Dead People Get Stimulus Checks” and not a couple, but THOUSANDS adding up to “millions” of dollars. Well, at least even the dead folks get some cold cash.

Now we’re talking a national health care program for tens of millions of people. I have one question, with the current budget (both a Democrat and Republican creation), how on earth do we pay for health coverage for millions of people WITHOUT raising taxes, and not just on the evil rich people, but everyone? Remember back when everyone was up in arms over the billions (chump change today) being spent in Iraq? I was one of them.

I guess we can put our heads in the sand and just assume the government will take care of it and knows what it’s doing… somehow I am not filled with a lot of confidence on that.

Call me crazy.

Now, some interesting questions about our founding and the principles of limited government, which, were very important to both Federalists and Non-Federalists. Yes, the Nationalists wanted a strong central government and an executive branch (yes, an oversimplification).  But the Constitution was intended to “limit” the government. It stated what it could do and only what it could do. And of course, the Non-Federalists were very concerned about what a strong central government and a too powerful executive branch could become.

I do think it is unfortunate that many Tea Bag folks seem to talk about the Founders and the Federalist, yet they should be reading the Anti-Federalist’s papers instead.

Here’s an interesting Question, would today’s Republicans be the Anti-Federalists and the Democrats Federalists? After all, Jefferson was a Anti-Federalist and Hamilton a Federalists. If they were alive today, I would think Jefferson a Democrat and Hamilton for sure a Republican…right? Or wrong?

More on this later.

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3 Responses to Anti-Federalist or Federalist and Is More Government Really the Answer?

  1. Ben says:

    Depends. Are we talking about a Hamilton and Jefferson the grew up in the 20th century, or we just dropping them off from a time machine? I suspect Hamilton would be a Republican either way, but Jefferson is a different story. If he grew up in our time, I suspect he’d be a Democrat; if he was dropped off the time machine, maybe a Libertarian? (Of course, if Jefferson grew up in our time, he wouldn’t have the benefit of reading and being influenced by Jefferson…it all gets too complicated!)

  2. Were either Jefferson or Hamilton were alive today and put in the United States, they’d probably leave for Mars. All joking aside, I see the point of your question and believe Hamilton could go either way. I also agree with Ben – Jefferson would probably be a Libertarian.

    There’s no way he’d buy into the Dems collectivist nonsense or the Republicans non-stop wars and government/corporation incest. Of course, the Dems are rather incestuous on that account as well.

  3. Pam Walter says:

    If you’re crazy, then so am I…and scared, and worried, and really afraid of what’s coming next.

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