Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care”

Contrary to claims that government-imposed “universal health care” would solve America’s health care problems, it would in fact destroy American medicine and countless lives along with it.

More government is not the answer to health care or anything else.  My sister works very high up in a Chicago hospital and my conversations with her about the government regulations that exist now that drive costs up would OPEN YOUR EYES. The government is a major reason why health care costs are so out of control. When nurses have to spend 50% of their paid time doing paperwork that is demanded by government regulations (imposed on hospitals and insurance companies already) you have workers who are only half as efficient, hospitals have to charge more to make up.  I could go on. Most Americans are so uninformed on issues such as the economy and health care that they have no clue.  We all know there is a problem, but we have some who think that the government is the answer, and some who don’t. I am always in favor of the private sector, though I am a humble school teacher who will never be rich. It is a fallacy that there are uninsured people in this country. Anyone, without health care can walk into an emergency room and they have to be treated. They will be treated.  There are factual cases where uninsured people have received open heart surgery that costs six-figures.  What this issue is about is not health care, but politics….  yeah I know, call me crazy. Anyway, here’s an article that you can choose to read or not, but one that hits the nail on the head and did so almost two years ago: Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care”.

PS – I do not deny that we need some regulation of the private sector. But what we have now and what we are beginning to see is crossing the line in my opinion.

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4 Responses to Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care”

  1. Chris O says:

    Spot on Chris. I get tired of hearing the left talk of universal health care. When I hear stories about what goes on in Europe and especially Canada I get very nervous about what will happen here…

  2. Chris says:

    Chris O, well let’s not go that far just yet. The current administration says it is not promoting government health care for all, just for those in need, those 45 million or so. How they intend to pay for it, they can’t say. I remember not having health care after college, I took that chance. I worked hard, got a good job, and got health care… why is that so hard to figure out? No one will go untreated in emergencies…


  3. Pam Walter says:

    I agree totally! I’m afraid of what will happen if the government makes decisions about who will and will not receive what in the way of health care.

  4. Bob Schultz says:

    There is only one way I could stomach government health care. That is if EVERYONE were under the same policy. All the average Joes in this world plus all the labor union members plus all government employees including the President, all his Cabinet and all Senators and Representatives. If health care is really broken, put this into effect and then see how fast problems would be solved!

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