American Exceptionalism: Continued

Boon’s Lick Missouri was named after Daniel Boon and is yet another example of American Exceptionalism. In 1815, the area was a rich and fertile land that was soon occupied by massive migration by whites. One chronicler noted that theĀ  “men were all heroes and the women heroines.” The expansion of America during the early 19th century was uniquely American both in its evolution and exclusion. As one historian has noted, “the pioneers of Boon’s Lick were acting out a recurrent national dream of heroic experience and frontier valor.”

[to be continued...]

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  1. Corey Meyer says:

    According to Boone’s sons, Nathan and Daniel, they are to be given credit for the site where they and a guy named Morrison established a salt works of sorts there in the very early 1800′s.

    My question would be…did those pioneers think their acts were exceptional? And, what was the cost to the Native American’s in the area?

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