Interesting how the comments pour in stating how I am comparing Obama to Hitler. I did no such thing.  The singing of a religious song and inserting our current President’s name is frankly creepy and at best stupid and at worst hero worshiping. I am happy people can take pride in our President. But this kind of thing opens them up to radical (which is the word I USED) comparisons like the one I LINKED TO. These people are opening themselves up for this. And let’s not forget, every single Liberal out there would have been up in arms if there were little children singing praises to George W. Bush after, say, 9/11.

Yes, this is harmless. But this is not an isolated incident, Our President is to be respected, but not worshiped or to have songs that have children pledge any kind of allegiance.

Here’s a radical take on it (I do not necessarily approve of it but if Obama’s promoters wish to go here, it is their call):

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  1. matt mckeon says:


    Is spreading the crazy a good idea? No. Does it show good judgement? No. Does it show historical insight into either the 1930s and 40s, or contemporary politics? No. But mainly, is this the best you can do? No, based on what I’ve read here before. Is this going to be a feature of this blog from now on?

  2. I don’t believe you were doing that Chris. I understood perfectly what you were saying. I just wanted to make sure my comments were understood as well, thus the follow up.


  3. Were you troubled when school children sang the praises of Bush and FEMA after Katrina?


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