Very Proud of My President

Don’t agree with President Obama on pretty much all of his political views, but tonight’s speech in Arizona was, in my humble opinion, his best. Very proud of the President and First Lady. Very proud, they had an opportunity to rise above the political rhetoric, unlike the media, and they did indeed and did so brilliantly. For though some out there strangely mention this shooting while also mentioning political discourse when the horrific event of last Saturday had noting to do with politics, our President was able to rise above those on the Left that could not. Those senseless shootings were the work of a madman bent on mayhem and nothing else, and as someone who knew him stated, he was not political and was not of the Left or the Right, yet so many in the media wished to identify and call out others they disagree with. Rise above, they could not, but President Obama did…

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  1. Hondo69 says:

    I think there are times when we can all come together as Americans. Surely this is one of those times. I do feel sad, however, as the media had no “time out” period where they could put their own political leanings aside. Unless you read foreign news or the Wall Street Journal the onslaught of spin immediately thereafter was disgusting.

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