World History Profiles coming soon to Travel and History Blog

We are trying to better organize our very extensive history and travel coverage across many websites and blogs.

Here’s an incomplete guide to several history resources you may want to check out:

US History – this comprehensive site is one of the best on the web, with thousands of articles covering US History.    Here you’ll find detailed coverage of major and minor US historical events, presidential profiles, and much more.   Our new book feature helps you find texts that match your history interests.   Check out our  US History quiz.

US History Blog - the blog companion to the US History site.

Travel and History - here we feature travel and history posts from around the world.    Although the blog is freewheeling, soon this site will begin to showcase world history nation by nation and eventually city by city.   Stay tuned for World History from the Travel and History site.

Blog4History – this website was run for several years by history teacher Chris Wehner and features his take on US History, especially the Civil War, as well as many other general topics.   This blog will continue to feature articles of general US History interest and we are happy to have guest posts from history educators, history buffs, and history scholars.

History of US Airports - The Airport Director features some history information for Airports around the world although this resource is not complete.  If you have an interest in Airport History please let us know and we’ll try to direct you to good resources.    India 9 is a major resource of history and travel information about India, written by Indians.    Here you’ll find thousands of pages featuring India’s history, culture, and attractions for planning your travels.



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