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Blog4history really appreciates the many thoughtful comments we get.   Unfortunately spammy junk comments are overwhelming enough that it’s hard to approve some of the good comments in a timely fashion, so PLEASE don’t think we are censoring your thoughts or ideas here – that doesn’t happen except with extraordinarily outrageous comments.    Best to send me an email at jhunkins@gmail.com if you have a comment you want approved immediately – I really value input here but can’t track all the activity we get on a daily basis.   If you are a historian or history buff please feel free to keep in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

Also note that the ‘admin’ changed and Joe is NOT the author of older posts here.   I’m trying to fix that so Chris, the original author, is correctly reflected on the older posts but that’s not a high priority now as this is only one of many history blogs I (sometimes poorly) try to manage.    My blogs featuring history are:

Blog4History.com:  Mostly US History and Civil War History focused material.

TravelandHistory.com :     Travel focused blog and companion history blog for US History (see below).

Blog.U-S-History.com   History focused blog and companion site for US History(see below).

US History is currently the most comprehensive of all sites featuring textbook-quality material about the history of the United States with a special focus on academic topics of interest such as US Presidential Biographies, Time Tables of US History, a History Quiz section, and detailed examinations of every major (and many minor) US historical events since 1630.   See the next blog post here at blog4history for more about the US History Website.

There’s a lot more history to come here and elsewhere, and we love to feature original history writing and reviews.    If you’d like to write a guest post please just email me:  jhunkins@gmail.com   Thanks!


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