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I will be spending most of my summer planning and frankly preparing in multiple ways for my upcoming first run as an A.P. United States history instructor. One thing I am going to utilizing is a blog specifically for the course. Here’s a link to that if interested. IT IS NOT completed and is still in development, however, any advice or input is appreciated.

My first Quarter Schedule is as follows:

1- United States History A
2- —-
3- American Government
4- —-
5- Plan
6- —-
7- A.P. United States History
8- —-

First block I have a general history A class for 2 periods (90 minutes). That is followed up an American Government block, then lunch and plan which gives me a lot of prep time for my final block of the day, AP.

Don’t worry, I will still have plenty of relax time this summer, just trying to get prepared for the upcoming school year this … sad … smart, or both?

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