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Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care”

Contrary to claims that government-imposed “universal health care” would solve America’s health care problems, it would in fact destroy American medicine and countless lives along with it. More government is not the answer to health care or anything else.  My … Continue reading



… I attended the first funeral of a student of mine. This is only my third year of teaching. His name is Nathan. I received the call yesterday from my principle, who informed me. I was ashamed to discover that … Continue reading

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The Confederate Flag… Symbolism & Meaning

Over at Kevin’s blog, as he has many times, there is some interesting discussion going on concerning the Confederate Flag and how it is displayed in public.  The issue centers around memory, how it is being celebrated, the flag’s meaning, … Continue reading


Skipping School? The President can Write You a Note

Good show Mr. President I loved this!

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Civil War Books

Got 4 great books that need to be reviewed, here they are: First up is Wars within a War: Controversy and Conflict over the American Civil War (Civil War America), University of North Carolina Press. As you might assume, the … Continue reading

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The Best of the Best in World War 2 Books

In honor of the 65th Anniversary of D-Day, here are just a few good World War II books on my book shelf: David M. Kennedy is a well known historian. His best work, perhaps, is Freedom from Fear which deals … Continue reading


Obama marks D-Day’s solemn 65th anniversary

As promised in an earlier post, “Obama marks D-Day’s solemn 65th anniversary.” I have not had much time to follow his visits to the Middle East and Europe, hopefully it is going well for U.S. Obama was right on not … Continue reading

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Actor Richard Dreyfuss Promotes a Return to Civics

From this news article: NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Of all the causes actors have chosen to champion, Richard Dreyfuss admits his passion lacks, well, a certain pizazz: Civics. “Don’t call it ‘civics’ because ‘civics’ is easily the most boring word … Continue reading

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Upcoming AP Class and Blog

I will be spending most of my summer planning and frankly preparing in multiple ways for my upcoming first run as an A.P. United States history instructor. One thing I am going to utilizing is a blog specifically for the … Continue reading

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